Our focus on providing world-class renal care for every one of our patients in each of our clinics is made possible by the professionalism and competence of our staff. People who care, and who want to make a difference.

Our networks provide the opportunity for personal growth and development on an international level. As described below, we are a diverse team of people from different backgrounds and professions. As well as seeking the best talent from within healthcare,  we are eager to learn from other sectors and embrace people who want to make a step into our world.



Our nurses account for the majority of our employees. It is they who build direct and long-lasting relationships with our patients and improve their quality of life every single day. Our nurses are our care experts, and take part in several company-wide programmes fostering personal development and exchange of ideas.

Additional Clinic Staff

Our nurses and doctors are supported in their delivery of high-quality care by a range of other clinical staff members. These valued staff members make sure we can operate our clinics to the highest possible standards and help to coordinate the many care services we provide to our patients.

Management and corporate teams

Diaverum’s management and corporate teams are diverse mixtures of talent from within and beyond healthcare. This extensive knowledge from across industries, specialties and cultures enriches our experience base and brings new perspectives and knowledge to all our activity in more than 20 countries.


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