Diaverum Portugal recently opened a new clinic in Linda-a-Velha, with “top of the range equipment” to treat chronic kidney patients in hemodialysis and with the capacity to treat around 300 patients.

Leaving their former premises behind, the old clinic of Linda a Velha with the capacity to treat 180 patients, was quickly offered to the Portuguese Ministry of Health in order to treat chronic kidney patients with COVID -19 when needed.

"In the crisis we are all experiencing, it is important to minimize risks and ensure better safety conditions for all the patients, as well as for the professionals themselves", underlines César Silva. Also stressing that "the pandemic" that the country and the world are experiencing "brought the transcendent work of clinical teams to the forefront, surpassing their delivery to the care of all who need them."

“All the professionals who work in these clinics, such as doctors, nurses, assistants, social workers, pharmacists, nutritionists, administrative and technical staff, have been working with a 24/7 availability, to guarantee the best care for these patients, in a short time in which people with this disease undergoing treatment feel even more fragile”, César Silva added.

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