Diaverum Portugal's history is closely linked to the history of Gambro, which created its Portuguese subsidiary in 1980.

During these 26 years, Gambro reached a position of leadership in the Portuguese market, having been pioneer in 1992/93 in the massification of haemodialysis with bicarbonate and boosting of controlled ultrafiltration. These technologies enable significant improvements in the quality of the treatments and in the quality of the life of the patients.  The versatile and modular Gambro AK 10 monitor facilitated the introduction of these techniques without the clinics needing to invest in new monitors.

The first haemodialysis clinic was acquired in Portugal in July 1998, and on 1 January 1999 the Gambro Healthcare International division was created which took over the management of the haemodialysis clinics, separating them from the management of the equipment and product business.

Portugal was one of the two exceptions in the management separation, with César Silva, Country Manager from March 1992 to 31 December 2020, having been in charge of the two business areas up to 31 December 2006, when the business separation was absolutely imperative in the preparation for the sale of the company.

Gambro Healthcare International was Gambro's first division to be sold, with the transaction having taken place on 2 July 2007, when the company was acquired by our majority shareholder Bridgepoint. Gambro Healthcare International changed its name to DIAVERUM on 5 December 2007.

Key Milestones of our History

The milestones and important events of Diaverum's history of growth are presented below:

 Diaverum Portugal constructed a significant presence in the Portuguese market through acquisitions.

1998: Our first acquisition was CHL – Clínica de Hemodiálise do Lumiar, accomplished in July 1998. In the Greater Lisbon area this was followed by the acquisition of Medicassis, in April 1999, with two clinics, one in Linda-a-Velha and the other in Estoril. CDR/Pluribus was acquired in July 2000, with six clinics: Entrecampos, Cruz Vermelha, Amadora, Mem Martins, Almada and Torres Vedras.

2000: In the Northern area, our first acquisition was the Centro Renal da Prelada in June 2000, followed by the acquisitions of Nefronorte with 3 clinics in Paredes, Marco de Canaveses and Régua, DRD with two clinics in Vila do Conde and Riba D’Ave, CMDR with Clínica da Boavista. The last acquisition took place in 2010, of Hemoatlãntico with 3 clinics in Vila Nova de Gaia, Braga and Vila Verde.

2002: In the Central area, the first clinic to be acquired was Dialave in 2002, with one clinic in Aveiro. This was followed by DV with a clinic in Águeda and Figueira da Foz in 2008, with this acquisition having brought us a partnership with Sanfil Medicina.

All these acquisitions of clinics of different shareholders, in different geographic zones, with different working methods have given rise to a multifaceted company. In fact, by the end of 2002 we had a set of clinics comprising an inharmonious mosaic.

2002 to 2007: Creation of a corporate culture, associated to common methodologies and the improved efficiency of our operations.

From 2008 onwards, we implemented the comprehensive price, a refund model negotiated with the Ministry of Health throughout the entire year of 2007. The comprehensive price now includes the refunding of medication associated to the treatment of kidney failure by haemodialysis, blood tests and complementary diagnostic exams. Vascular surgery, hemodynamic tests and blood transfusions were included later, on 1 January 2011. By transferring the responsibility for the management of medication and services to the clinics, the Ministry of Health contributed to the progressive improvement of the quality of the treatment, taking Portugal to a threshold of major quality of this healthcare in a worldwide context.

In 2014, Diaverum Portugal launched the Coordinated Care model, aimed at achieving excellence, by surrounding the patients with a series of health professionals and fostering the engagement of the patients in their treatment. This was a turning point in which we started to focus on the healthcare model and on promoting the excellence of treatment for all patients who entrust their care to us.

In 2018, Diaverum Portugal launched the foundations of the VBHC – Value Based Healthcare concept, with a view to introducing protocols in the Coordinated Care model.

The new Director General was appointed in 2020: Sofia Correia de Barros


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